Workforce has been identified, by the industry based Advisory Network, as the key priority issue, going forward.

The workforce needs and capacity vary across the New England region and by specific technology area. NERDIC has conducted case study reviews of other DoD funded projects that focused on workforce development. After considerable research and exploration, NERDIC has now refined an approach to tackle the regional workforce issues. This takes into account that each State already has significant efforts in place. NERDIC has identified that building connectivity across the region is the highest value add area to focus on in this work. It is recognized that the workforce is mobile in the region; companies have multiple locations, and the supply chain spans all six states.

The concept that NERDIC has developed is to identify industry needs, and then facilitate the creation of clearly defined pathways for skills and career development, focused on meeting the needs of emerging technologies.

This approach combines the Industry 4.0 Readiness Ecosystem model, with a parallel skills development model with regards to Workforce.

NERDIC members outline why Workforce is integral to NERDIC’s work


Continued: NERDIC members outline why Workforce is integral to NERDIC’s work

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