Augmented Reality (AR) is the overlaying of digital content into the physical environment.

Specifically, to manufacturing, this can include any type of virtual parts, data, photos, videos, and work instructions. These assets can be transposed on to a machine in the real world for easier training and troubleshooting through a device such as a phone or headset. This workshop and demonstration project showcases HoloLens 2 which is an advanced augmented reality headset created by Microsoft. HoloLens 2 has comprehensive voice recognition, gesture recognition and is a hands-free heads-up display.

The intention of the demonstration project was for participants to learn how augmented reality can:

  • Expedite training and onboarding
  • Standardize work and procedures for employees
  • Improve remote troubleshooting
  • Reduce travel to physical locations with virtual tools

Augmented Reality Introductory Workshop


Augmented Reality Demonstration Project

Habco was excited to partner with CCAT and SphereGen on this NERDIC demonstration project. The team was great to work with and the deliverable from the project is something that we are excited to leverage for the future. This technology is revolutionary for us and our industry and we are already working to integrate it into our process. We look forward to having our customers receive the benefits from this project.

- Brian Montanari, President & CEO, Habco Industries

Find out more about NERDIC’s work with Applied Artificial Intelligence

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