NERDIC’s goal is to mobilize the use of technology advancements across the industry’s regional ecosystem to modernize and diversify defense manufacturing in the New England region.

NERDIC’s strategy is to unify multidisciplinary regional networks, facilitate collaboration and innovation, and promote and support Industry 4.0 solutions. In Phase I of NERDIC industry vendors were familiarized with new innovations and technology through “demonstration projects” run by Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology. These demonstrations were delivered virtually to qualified defense vendors.

In Phase 2 of NERDIC it is intended that Industry 4.0 awareness will be broadened as one solution to the sustainability of England’s defense industry supply chain.

Strategies will be developed to eliminate or mitigate the impediments preventing qualified defense vendors from “modernizing” though optimizing advanced technologies throughout their entire enterprise.

This work program will assist NERDIC in bolstering the defense industry supply chain ecosystem in New England through the coordination of demonstration projects in advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies to defense vendors and collaborate with stakeholders to investigate the barriers to adoption of these technologies.

Updates on the Defense Sector Modernization Program to Follow Soon

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