Ecosystem Development is a key component of NERDIC. Phase 2 of NERDIC is focused on developing the Defense related industry ecosystem across the six state New England region.

NERDIC is the ‘Network of Networks’ and is determined to identify and connect regional partners, stakeholders and resources from across the six states in New England and build the NERDIC ecosystem network.

Building the NERDIC ecosystem will lead to sustainability for NERDIC post OLDCC funding. This will result in an agile program which is responsive to industry needs and formally structured, accessing multiple streams of funding for the foreseeable future.

Methods of developing the ecosystem through 2023/2024:

  • State based Ecosystem Quarterly Meetings
    Consistent communications via portal, website and social media
  • Brand consistency and sharing of Communications and Marketing toolkit with the NERDIC ecosystem
  • Quarterly Newsletters and cross communication with NERDIC ecosystem members’ platforms
  • Sharing of information pertaining to relevant conferences and defense and manufacturing events

Use the NERDIC Social Media and Marketing Toolkit

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