The use of Collaborative Robots (Cobots) in Manufacturing can overcome process gaps, and deliver operational and cost benefits.

The technology demonstration project took a deeper dive into using Cobots to streamline component repair, through the use of a collaborative robot (cobot), 3D scanning technology and a grinding system.
High value metal components with long lead times are the best candidates for repair and reuse. Worn surfaces that fall outside the acceptable tolerances for continued component use are among one such repair application. The determination of the extent of the wear, the use of additive manufacturing technologies, such as wire arc or directed energy deposition to build up material on the worn surfaces, the process of machining or grinding back down to nominal and post inspection are typically a manual process.
The intention of the demonstration project was for participants to see how the use of a collaborative robot, 3D scanning technology and a grinding system can help streamline the process of turbine tip repair.

Robotics and Automation Demonstration Project

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